How can I ask my question?

Your application will be sent to the medical team, including the specialty of all disciplines, and you will be offered different cost and treatment options for immediate treatment. Advanced specialized hospitals with modern equipment, along with our advisers, will provide appropriate treatment solutions

you can send your questions to the following email address in order to get appropriate advice


Who informs me?

An Avicenna services health care professional will contact you to coordinate. We are all trying to communicate with you in one of the languages that you are familiar with so you can express your illness

How long does it take?

Our team of experts will answer all your questions within 72 hours

What do I get as information?

Our team specialists will first check your information and requests and then submit your offer and suggestions by providing additional information so that you can select the services you want

What kind of information do I receive?

  1. Appropriate treatments for your disease and its costs
  2. The name and profile of your doctor
  3. The name of your city and your treatment center
  4. Your place of residence and your fellows during treatment
  5. Visa, tickets, transfer, translator, tour and other tourist services are other information that you will be provided.