Treatment steps

contact us
Advise with our experts
You can contact us directly or indirectly via email or online chat and ask our experts about the type of treatment, treatment centers, travel arrangements, type of residence, treatment fees, etc. and get all the support you need. After initial communication with our experts, within 24-48 hours, you will receive the information you need about (treatment, centers, travel packages, services, etc.) along with the advice and recommendations of the experts in the field of services you may need.
Evaluate our suggestions
Evaluate our suggestions on how to choose the type of treatment, treatment centers, residential centers, arrival time, translator, patient’s companion, travel packages, as well as our customized services and ask all your questions from our experts.
Submit application and order
After reviewing and closing all the clarification, kindly please send your request to . Kindly please use your ticket number which you have received it before in all correspondence. Should you have any other questions about filing and ordering, our experts are ready to answer and resolve your ambiguity.
The application form contains your personal information for reviewing our expert in order to advice such as:
Name, date of birth, age, height, weight, gender, contact number, email, city, country, address
After submitting the form along with your medical records, we will provide you a report of the treatment process maximum in 10 working days.
The order form contains your expectations after evaluating our offers, each with its own tariff and cost. Some of these orders can include the following:
Coordinate with your hospital or doctor
Carrying out visa, medical, flight, inland transportation
Accommodation coordination
Accompanied by an interpreter, etc.
Preparation of Iranian credit cards and mobile lines.
Order Urban and interurban excursions.
Souvenirs and handicrafts.
Confirm your travel plan
After submitting your orders, our experts will collect the services on the basis of the order received.
Travel to Iran
Our experts will welcome you upon arrival in Iran and will start providing requested services based on your needs and order.
Perform medical treatments
Our colleagues will be on your way to your doctor’s visit, medical records, supplementary tests, admission, discharge and … depending on the order.
Return to your own country
After completing the travel process, we will provide you with a transfer service.
Support after treatment
Our experts and consultants will also be in contact with you after the end of the treatment. From 2 to 6 months after treatment, your condition and recovery process are monitored for free.