Tixel is a skin treatment that involves stamping a heated metallic plate with pyramid-shaped spikes on to the skin. It is not a Laser; it is a thermo-mechanical technology for skin rejuvenation. This stimulates new collagen formation to improve skin quality.

How Tixel works?

Tixel is a fractional thermo-mechanical system using a special Tip to create on the treated tissue a matrix of ablative micro-pores or of a non-ablative skin coagulation. The fraction thermal effect occurs through a rapid contact of the Tip on the treated area.

Heated to a temperature of 400° C, the Tip touches the skin very quickly (milliseconds) and immediately is retracted. The contact of the Tip to the skin transfers a high thermal energy that creates the opening of temporary permeable micro-channels to any kind of hydrophilic solution

The duration (milliseconds) and, as a consequence, the thermal energy transferred to the skin is a mode that the doctor can set with very precision.

TIXEL advantages

A) Painless treatments, non-need of anesthesia

B) Results comparable to fractional CO2 lasers

C) Protective glasses are not needed, smoke free

D) Comfortably portable in a suitcase

E) Suitable in combination with creams and lotions

F) Quick healing and very rapid down-time

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